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Child Sexual Exploitation

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

Risks, Threats and Vulnerabilities Tier 1 Checklist

This Checklist is for frontline practitioners who are not experienced at undertaking assessments, and provides a list of possible risk indicators which may be helpful in identifying safeguarding concerns.  This Checklist should then form part of a discussion with your Safeguarding lead to decide on what actions will be taken by your organisation.   It is not intended to replace the referral form either to Specialists Childrens Services or Early Help, but may be used to support a referral, if appropriate.

CSE Intelligence Form

Where a CSE concern has been identified, this form is to be used to provide intelligence to the police in order to obtain a better understanding of local CSE concerns and issues. On completion the form is to be submitted to the Multi-Agency Child Sexual Exploitation Team (CSET) .


CEOP Command (formerly the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) works with child protection partners across the UK and overseas to identify the main threats to children and coordinates activity against these threats to bring offenders to account.

Operation Willow Posters

Kent has recently launched a campaign to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation.  The posters below, for a range of settings, promote this campaign including warning signs and contact details.