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Quality and Effectiveness Group

The Quality and Effectiveness Group supports the Board and its partners in ensuring that a safe, effective and accountable safeguarding children system operates within Kent.

The Group provides high quality information relating to safeguarding performance across all agencies and makes recommendations to the Safeguarding Board in relation to aspects of performance that cause concern. It has a role to provide professional challenge to agencies as appropriate in relation to performance and the data they submit.

KSCB multi-agency audits

Audits are an essential way the KSCB scrutinises the work of agencies; assessing the nature and quality of work undertaken and the impact for children in Kent. 

All agencies are invited to contribute over a range of given topics; these can be highlighted from Serious Case Reviews (or other Management Reviews), Ofsted Inspections, internal inspections or peer reviews, performance intelligence or via professional request. Working Together sets out as a minimum that Local Safeguarding Children's Board should 'quality assure practice through joint audits of case files involving practitioners and identifying lessons to be learned.'