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Resources and Presentations

Triennial Analysis of Serious Case Reviews

In July 2016, the Department for Education published a report analysing 293 serious case reviews with findings for professionals working with children and families.

The study examines serious case reviews (SCR's) relating to incidents from April 2011 to March 2014 and considers findings from a 10-year period from 2003.

Pathways to harm, pathways to protection: a triennial analysis of serious case reviews. 2011-2014

National Serious Case Review Mapping Exercise

The KSCB Business Unit has published findings from a mapping exercise into trends and issues prevalent in recently published National SCR’s.

National SCR Mapping Exercise of cases published in 2016

Serious Case Review Table of Issues from 2016

Serious Case Review Learning Categories

Lessons Learned from MAPPA

The National Offender Management Service have produced a document which highlights the key themes of lessons learned that have been captured across Serious Case Reviews

2016 - MAPPA Report on Serious Case Reviews - Sharing Good Practice by Learning from Lessons

Case Review Presentations

Operation Lakeland Presentation - 2016

Lambeth Serious Case Review - 2016 (PPTX, 144.2 KB)

Guernsey Serious Case Review - 2016 (PPTX, 102.8 KB)

Case Review Summaries and Key Themes - 2015

Summaries of 2015 case reviews with identified themes for learning.
(PDF, 81.5 KB)

Key Themes for Learning from Case Reviews
(PDF, 74.5 KB)